Scot Nery's Boobietrap

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Since we sold out of seats for the June 3 show, our audience expands across the internet with live streaming tickets. Watch the fun online with your crew. June 3. 8:30pm Pacific Time.


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Sorry to say, we do not have any shows available at this time. All our shows have been eaten by... monsters!


"A Comedic Whirlwind!"

Los Angeles Times

Boobietrap is Nuts

Scot Nery's Boobietrap brings together world-class comedy, incredible feats, booze, specialness, and jaw-dropping musical skill.

Your host and show creator, Scot Nery, travels the world to bring you international entertainers whom are recognized for being the very best at what they do. You get to drink with them, get goofy, and have a real human experience. You’ll experience a perfectly curated night out.


Magically Fun Drinks

Our fun bar includes a magic show, affordable drinks, and a free garnish buffet. You can decorate your drinks with candy and crap and never run out of limes!

Audiences get 15 four minute acts -- each a different whirlwind experience from the last. It's a feat of fun, beauty, weirdness, and love from the world's best entertainers. Bringing acts from *Cirque Du Soleil, The Magic Castle, Comedy Central. Boobietrap showcases a range of genres in a high energy, non judgmental, hyper-fun experience.