scot nery
lightning series

1 nite Only

In Venice,CA

Jan 27

scot nery's Boobie trap

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  • Show Starts 8pm
  • Doors Open 7pm
  • Run-time 90min
  • Family Friendly Show
  • Free Valet parking
  • In Venice, CA
  • Donation Bar
  • You're treated like a drag queen!

One Night Onlyfriday Jan 27 in Venice, CA

Los Angeles has the best in the world and that's what you get. This show has pure TLC and world-class quality delivered in a screwball manner.

8pm Grab a seat and sit forward as you witness the best in the world in cirque, magic, standup, music and weirdness. Everyone at Boobie Trap is made to belong and you will be as involved in the night as you want to be. In 90 minutes, the show's over and you have seen about 14 different mind-twisting acts.

steve o, ron lynch, laura michelle hughes, tracie walker,billy the mime, and andrey moraru

9:30pm Afterwards, we have an afterparty "Side-Boob" (for your complete nightlife experience). Or, you can go home on-time so you can get up early enough to feed your parents.

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boobie trap show selfie
boobie trap show selfie
boobie trap show selfie
boobie trap show selfie
boobie trap show selfie
boobie trap show selfie

The Host

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scot nery with a crowd

Scot Nery is a renowned juggler, comedian, contortionist, performance artist, and host. The great Robin Williams called Scot "splendidly surreal.” Scot has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, at the HBO Comedy Festival, in films for Disney and Sony, including the hit horror spoof Scary Movie 5. He is a featured performer for Stefan Haves, a director for seven Cirque du Soleil productions who calls Scot "Sensational in every sense!" He performs regularly at private and industry events for Fortune 500 companies — from major film studios to Delta, McDonald’s, and Mattel. He was recently featured in the promotional campaign for the hit FX series American Horror Story.

Scot's success grows out of a lifetime of preparation and performing, which began at age seven when a neighbor started teaching him magic tricks. By age eleven, he was getting paid to perform at birthday parties and banquets. He taught himself to juggle, ride a unicycle, clown and mime. After high school, despite advice to the contrary, Nery left home to make a living as a juggler. He packed all of his possessions in the trunk of his car and toured the United States, honing his craft and pushing boundaries. The tour included the streets of New Orleans, New York City, Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more - often performing 5 or 6 shows a day. Since, he has performed in a plethora of venues honing his "Fun no matter what" entertainment style. His travels take him globally where he meets the odd characters with strange skills. Boobie Trap brings together this lifetime of experience, curiosity, and discovery in one sweet 90 minute package for you to enjoy.

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