The Boobietrap Mission

Scot Nery’s Boobietrap cares about live entertainment almost too much! We are dedicated to whirlwind progress and you could help if you’d like! We are trying to…

  • Get more great live entertainment to more people
  • Raise the bar for what a show can do
  • Make it easier for great entertainers to find their audiences
  • Improve the audience experience before, after, and during performances
  • Advance the artform to find the most powerful modern way to connect and enhance lives

Since May 2015, Boobietrap has been working to find ways to give fulfilling experiences to interesting individuals through surprising environments, pleasantly jarring moments, elevating collaborations, and general promotion of the great parts of humanity.

Beyond the live performances, we have found ways in which we could help to feed the global and local communities of performers and audiences.

Casting:We have been able to help cast performers in shows like Tomorrow with Ron Lynch, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Snoop & Martha’s Dinner Party, Ellen, America’s Got Talent, The Gong Show, Baskets FX, and much more!

Remote: We have taken shows to the Jonathan Club, Hollywood BID, Kaaboo Music Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Santa Monica Playhouse, Way 2 Much Entertainment, Fais Do Do, The Hollywood Whitley, someone’s house and some other places.

Consulting: We consult with entertainers, productions and events to help them make great use of entertainers and provide the best, most memorable experiences to real people. We have helped Vox, Big Fire Comedy, various performers, Kmart, the Gameshow Network, CBS, etc.

Joining our mission is as easy as coming to a show, telling someone about it, volunteering, or donating. Let us know if you’d like to dig in deeper

Our mission is based on special experiences of human potential actualized. Fun feels like seeing the incredible nature of all people and celebrating it with humor and surprise. Here’s a video that tells a little more of what we’re about.

Send us an email to become a bigger part of our mission

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